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Board of Commissioners Meeting

Nov 13, 2023

New Smyrna Beach Housing's monthly board meeting is held on the second Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the New Smyrna Beach City Hall, 210 Same Avenue, New Smyrna Beach, followed by the New Smyrna Beach Housing Development Corporation board meeting.

Meeting Agenda 
Nov. 13, 2023

Call To Order

Roll Call 

Invocation/ Pledge of Allegance

Public Hearing for MTW 2025 Supplement
Comments/Changes (add mandatory requirement for FSS to all all adults excluding elderly and disabled or mothers with children 6 or under).

Approval Of Minutes October 9, 2023
All agenda items have been reviewed by Housing Authority Staff and/or Executive Director and are being recommended for Board review and approval. 

Presentation Hurricane Ian
David Morgan will be presenting updates on Hurricane Ian.

Presentation Greenlawn Manor
Joe Chamber will present Greenlawn Manor updates.

Presentation of Live Oak Home Urban Land Institute
Christopher Edwards, CRA/Economic Development Director will present updates for Live Oak Homes.

Tenant Account Charge Offs

Condemned Assets

Directors Report
Vacancy Reports
FSS/ROSS Report 
Property Reports
HCV Reports

New Business


Greenlawn Manor Update

Live Oak Committee (no meeting) 

Name for Westside Phase II
-Greenlawn Estates
-Greenlawn Villas
-Gardens at Greenlawn

Old Business
RFP Enterprise Homes Roof Damage (awards and completed)
Open Project Based Waitlist (PBV) Greenlawn Manor

-2023-26 Approval of Myia's Law requirements for PH key log and background screenings of employees.
-2023-27 Adding the PBV policy to the Section 8 Admin Plan. 
-2023-28 Opening of Greenlawn Manor Waiting list for another 200 applicants. 

See Attached
Comments from CEO and Staff

Comments from the Audience 

Adjourn Meeting

Comments: Three (3) Minute Limit: 

Citizens: General Rules
1.) First, State your name, address and the organization you represent. 
2.) Make ONLY a brief statement of the facts within your knowledge as it pertains, to policies of the agency.
3.) Organize your presentation within a brief time limit, and upon completion refrain from additional comments, unless requested by the Board. 
4.) Avoid repetition/gossip. You must present facts.