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Market Rent

The NSBH started the Market rent program (affordable rental housing) in 2014 with the purchase of four (4) townhomes in the Historic Westside neighborhood of New Smyrna Beach. We have added six (6) new homes in 2016 all consisting of three bedrooms and two bathrooms also in the Historic Westside neighborhood. These homes have been built with the collaborative efforts of The New Smyrna Beach Housing, the County of Volusia, and the City of New Smyrna Beach.

The rental prices will range between $729 and $1,400 according to the current High HOME rent tables for Volusia County. You must also fall within the Daytona Beach income limits provided by HUD.

There are several eligibility requirements for admission to NSBH's affordable rental program:

  1. The family has an income within the income limits for the HOME program.
  2. Is a U.S. citizen, or Permanent Resident.
  3. Provide documentation of Social Security numbers, proof of birth for all family members, proof of identification of all adult family members, and signs consent authorization documents;
  4. Has not been arrested for possession of a controlled substance within the last ten years, or arrested for a violent crime within the last ten years, and has not been evicted by NSBH or any other PHA in the previous five years.