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The Resident Times- September 2023

The Resident Times- September 2023

We Welcome Back our Newsletter! 
We are going to be sharing information about NBSH, local events, and information we feel you might need! 

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The Resident Times-September 2023

New Smyrna Beach Housing

From The Director 

Greetings from the desk of the Executive Director. 

To all our clients we welcome you back to the Housing Authority of The City of New Smyrna Beach's quarterly newsletter.

We hope you find this informative and helpful as we proceed with new and exciting changes in our agency. 

Move to Work: Our agency was designated by HUD as a Move to Work agency in 2021. All tenants have been briefed on the changes coming to NSB Housing Authority for all clients, either Public Housing or HCV.

Here are some changes that have been implemented are: 
January 1, 2023:Removed the issuance of Utility Allowance checks to all clients.

April 1, 2023: Removed all deductions from income for all able-bodied working families (does not include elderly/disabled families), Self-Certification of assets over $50,000, Minimum Rent of $130 for all able-bodied working families (does not include elderly/disabled families), Payment standards at 120% of Fair Market Rent for everyone in HCVP ,Flat utility allowances by bedroom size ,Elimination of Earned Income Disregard.

To Be Implemented: Work requirement must work 20 hours per week first year and 24 hours a week thereafter (does not include elderly/disabled families), Recertification of income every 3 years (allows tenant to save money, pay off debts), Inspections every 3 years, Self Sufficiency case worker will be assigned to clients, term limits on Public Housing and HCVP programs of 8 years. 

Greenlawn Manor Senior Living is scheduled to open by January 2024. We are excited to have this opportunity to provide the largest affordable housing development in the history of New Smyrna Beach to our area. We look forward to having you at the grand opening. 

Teresa Pope
Executive Director

Greenlawn Manor 
Greenlawn Manor Website

Property Features
Independent Senior 62+ Housing
60 Project Based Housing Choice Vouchers
20 Market Rent
Elevators with Back-up Generators
Gym, Library, Game Room and Family Area

Family Self Sufficiency

What is FSS? 
Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) is a program designed to help low income families gain education and job skills to improve their families financial situation and overall quality of life. 

Services Offered:
Comprehensive Case Management, Education Assistance, Transportation Assistance, Computer Lab, Mock Job Interviews, Free Tax Preparation, Career Counseling through Career Source, Financial Literacy and Budgeting, Homebuyer Workshops, Credit Counseling, Dress for Success and Academic Advising. 

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program can provide the kind of support necessary for you to reach your goals to become self-sufficient. Interested families must be motivated and willing to enroll in school, vocational training, and actively seek employment. 

Please contact our Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator if you are interested in becoming a part of this program.
June Anderson at 386-423-8171, ext.4

Resident Opportunity & Self- Sufficiency Program

Our ROSS program is here to help coordinate available resources in the community to meet the needs of our residents. We are looking for more residents to join our program! If you are the age of eighteen (18), a senior or youth. We want to speak to you about how we can support you!

Resident Assistance, Food Stamps, Senior Supportive Services, Persons with Disabilities Supportive Services, Back to School Information & Assistance, Financial Counseling, Domestic Violence, Affordable Childcare and Job Opportunities.

Please contact, June Anderson at 386-423-8171, ext. 4

2023 Hurricane Season is Here!

Hurricane Season Begins June 1st and Ends November 30th

Tips for You
Make a Plan, Build a Disaster Supply Kit, Know Your Home, Know Your Zone, Stay Safe Before, During and After A Storm. 

Please stay tuned to our local Emergency Management Services for Volusia County at Volusia Emergency Services & The City of New Smyrna Beach City of New Smyrna Beach

Please visit Florida Disaster Website to view the 2023 Florida Hurricane Guide for more information.

Beat The Heat

Dress Light-wear loose fitting clothing 
Stay Cool- stay somewhere with air conditioning
Learn- stay informed and learn how to prevent, recognize and treat hear-related illnesses. 
Eat Light- avoid hot foods and heavy meals 
Stay Safe- never leave infants, pets or children in parked cars
Use Sunscreen- use sunscreen with SPF 15+ when going outside
Cool Down- take a cool shower or bath
Stay Hydrated- stay hydrated but avoid alcohol and liquids with large amounts of sugar. 

New Smyrna Beach Community Resource Center

Our community center provides a wide range of resources daily, we provide food stamp application assistance, homeless bags, senior bags, meat packages, computer lab etc.,

Monday: meat packages, homeless & senior bags
Tuesday: OLSS Gift Cards at 8:30am, Homeless & senior bags, meat packages, computer lab is open for those seeking employment from 12-3pm, hot meal at 11:30pm
Wednesday: homeless & senior bags, meat packages, food stamp application assistance by apt., only.
Thursday: God's Bath House 10:45am, homeless & senior bags, meat packages, food stamp application assistance apt. only, hot meal at 11:30pm

1106 S. Orange Street Apt. #9 New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32168
Hours Are As Follows:
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 8am-3pm
Wednesday 9:30am-3pm
Friday: Closed

Important Reminders

  • Rent is Due on the first of every month, and a $50 late fee will apply after the 5th of the month. 
  • The Housing Authority has a zero tolerance police regarding illegal drug use and weapons on our property, if you see any of this activity please call the police and then the Housing Authority office. 
  • Please note that YOU can be help responsible for guests engaging in illegal behavior in your unit.
  • Unwelcome visitors engaging in harassing behavior can be trespassed if you call the police and the Housing Authority office.
  • Only household members listed on your lease may reside in your unit and overnight guests are only allowed to stay for up to 14 days a year.
  • Please note that a 24 hour notice is required for us to make copies from your file, and we charge 15 cents per page. 
  • Especially during the warm summer months, please be careful when adjusting your air conditioning units to avoid maintenance issues. Thermostat should be set no lower than 10* below the outside temperature. 
  • In order to prevent high electricity bills, when your air conditioner is running please keep all windows closed and do not block any doors to allow your air conditioner to work more efficiently. 
  • Do not place towels or anything else over your thermostat, this affects the sensor that detects the temperature. 
  • Children must be supervised when playing outside. 
  • No inflatable pools are allowed 
  • NOTHING may be attached to the outside of houses or on the roofs, including satellite dishes, basketball hoops etc.,
  • Pets must be pre-registered with the Housing Authority and have up to date vaccinations, and residents are not allowed to pet sit animals not registered with their household.
  • Residents must report all changes in income (such as a new job, a raise or loss of income) within in 10 days.
  • If you fail to report new income or changes in pay or hours to us. You can be prosecuted for fraud.
  • Pleaser call the office for all maintenance issues/ emergencies that occur during office hours 386-603-4804.
  • The maintenance emergency phone number should only be called for maintenance emergencies that occur outside of office hours 386-847-3007.
  • The maintenance emergency number is the only number you should call for an emergency outside of office hours. Leave a message with your phone number and you will be called back. Do not call the office staff after hours or go to their homes. 
  • Please refer to our housekeeping standards when maintaining your unit. 
  • Residents are only allowed one set of outdoor/ weather proof patio furniture (a table and four chairs), and barbecue grill in the yard. 
  • Outside areas must remain neat and no more than 4 potted plants are allowed. 
  • Parking in only allowed in designated paved areas. Your car will be towed if you park in the grass.
  • Please note that there is technically no assigned parking, but we ask that be courteous to your neighbors and park in the spaces closest to your unit.
  • Please check your mailbox frequently for important communications from the Housing Authority. 
  • Please note that not responding to certain communications from the Housing Authority and missing re-certification appointments can be cause to terminate your lease. 
  • Please pick up after your pets, especially in common areas! If maintenance staff clean it up you will be charged $25!

Staff Spotlight

Mr. Terrance- Director of Maintenance

Mr. Terrance grew up in Public Housing with NSB Housing Authority at Live Oak Homes and raised his family in Public Housing until buying his home that he lives in today. He loves hunting and his family. You can find him driving around out properties all week long to check on our residents. 

Mr. T as many call him, has been with the New Smyrna Beach Housing Authority for thirty-nine (39) years, and we celebrate his dedication to our residents and his heart for our community. We are thankful to have him as a member of our staff.