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Executive Director Statement: Post Hurricane Ian

A Statement from the Executive Director: Post Hurricane Ian

The Housing Authority has remained committed, post Hurricane Ian, to providing quality services and a professional atmosphere to our residents, employees, partners, and the Southeast Volusia County constituency. Our agency's mission is to provide quality, affordable housing for the community, but we have faced some challenges due to the disaster we have all experienced. During these hard times, we have remained dedicated to our residents to make sure we are still providing quality services.

We strongly empathize with our families, surrounding counties and the State of Florida during these post disaster times we are living in. We are working diligently to relocate our families to safe, affordable housing as quickly and efficiently as possible. The New Smyrna Beach Housing Authority is providing financial support, and reimbursement of certain expenses during this time for our residents to help ease the burden of relocation.

We are thankful during these times for a community, City, and State that has gathered together to persevere through these hard times. We are thankful for all of our surrounding partners, housing authorities, and our tenants for being understanding while we work through this together.


Teresa Pope 
Executive Director
New Smyrna Beach Housing 

Statement from CEO Post Hurricane Ian. All above text included.