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No Smoking Policy

Smoking will NOT be permitted in New Smyrna Beach Housing buildings, including apartments, in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Effective July 1st, 2017, all current and new residents, all employees, guests and visitors in and/or on NSBH property will be prohibited from smoking inside the buildings and common areas, including all housing units. Prohibited items include (but are not limited to):
    • cigarettes and cigars
    • any other lighted tobacco products (i.e. pipes)
    • water (hookah) pipes
  • Any resident, including the members of their household, guests, or visitors will be considered in violation of the lease if found smoking in any NSBH facility or apartment, or anywhere on NSBH property that is deemed as a nonsmoking area. Residents will be responsible to inform all their guests and visitors that their apartment is smoke-free and that their housing may be affected by violators.

Any violation will be considered to be a violation of the material terms of the lease and could be cause for not renewing the resident's lease or eviction.

  • After the first violation, a cleaning charge of $1,200.00 may be added to the resident account for each violation of the policy that occurs in the apartments, building common areas, or any other nonsmoking area on or on NSBH property. (Any cigarette butts not properly disposed of may also be cause for a cleaning service charge.)

  • No smoking signs will be posted both outside and inside the common areas of the NSBH property. Smoking outside any NSBH building or housing unit may be limited and designated smoking areas will be posted and locations subject to change. Smoking outside any Housing Agency building will be limited to the following area(s):
    • 25 feet from any entrance or window, or public sidewalks, or as designated.

  • If the smell of smoke is reported, NSBH will seek the source of the smoke and appropriate action will be taken. Residents are encouraged to promptly give Landlord a written statement of any incident where tobacco smoke is migrating into the Resident's unit from sources outside of the Resident's unit.

  • All residents currently living in NSBH's public housing are being provided with a copy of this policy and the lease addendum, BOTH OF WHICH MUST BE SIGNED AND RETURNED BY MAY 1st, 2017. Incoming residents will sign the policy and the lease addendum upon moving in, and at each annual renewal (as will current residents). A copy will be retained in the tenant file.