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Step 4: Interview

At the time of your interview, your caseworker will have used the current year's HUD Utility Allowance Schedule and Income Limits (provided in Step 1); the documentation you submitted in advance (outlined in Step 2); and any other relevant information to calculate any changes in your monthly rent obligation. You will sign a Notice of Rent Adjustment (if applicable).

At the interview, you can ask any questions you may have, or you may ask them in advance. If you choose to return all your documents in advance and you have no questions for your caseworker, you may be able to skip the interview. Contact your caseworker to see if you are eligible for fully mail-in recertification.

After your appointment, you will be ready for another safe, productive year at NSBH!

Document Name/Purpose

Application for Continued Occupancy
This form is your formal request to continue as an NSBH resident. It will be provided by your case worker.

Notice of Rent Adjustment
Gives you notice that your monthly rent payment will change for the upcoming year. A blank form is attached here. Your caseworker will provide you with one if applicable.

Applicant's and Tenant's Consent to the Release of Information (HUD-9887-A)
Describes the requirement to verify information provided by individuals who apply for housing assistance. This fact sheet also describes consumer protections under the verification process.

Notice and Consent for the Release of Information (HUD-9887)
Allows the release of information between government agencies. (Included in the link above)

Family Report (HUD-50058)
Provides NSBH with income and eligibility information for all members of the household.

Authorization for the Release of Information/Privacy Act Notice (HUD-9886)
Authorizes HUD and the NSBH to request income information or income information for your household in order to ensure that you are eligible for housing benefits.