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Step 1: Notice of Annual Interview

Your notice will be mailed at least 30 days in advance of the expiration of your current lease. If you think you may have missed your notice, contact your caseworker. Links are provided on the HCV Staff page.

What NSBH Provides

Notice of Annual Interview - The notice informs you of the time and date of your annual examination appointment. If you fail to make the appointment NSBH will reschedule only once. The third notice will terminate your occupancy.

Updated HUD Income Limits & Utility Allowance Schedule - HUD Income Limits and Utility Allowances schedules change each year. For your information, we have provided links to the updated determinations. Annual changes to these may affect the monthly rent you are obligated to pay. We will make you aware of any changes to your monthly rent resulting from these at your annual appointment.

Forms & Checklists - We've also developed some handy checklists to keep you on track as you prepare. Also, every form required to refresh your memory of our policies and for recertification is included on the pages for Steps 3 & 4.

What Tenant Provides

Required in Advance - Documents listed in Step 2 - Please prepare the documents outlined in Step 2 and return them at least 2 weeks before the appointment.

Required - Checklist provided in Step 3 - You may also choose to return the initialed checklist in advance or feel free to bring it to your appointment.

Recertification Documents - Checklist provided in Step 4 - Some HUD documents that you signed at move-in must be updated each year. You may sign and return them in advance or bring them to the appointment.